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Cross and prayerDo you realize we are at war? Some of us may not realize our role we play, offensive defensive, target practice, we are all engaged in a spiritual battle. Some swing wildly at anything that moves, even those they love! They’ve not learned to curb their appetite for the blood of others, for any offense at all. They litterly remind me of porcupines ready to jab anything that comes close! Some never take off their armor, to love and serve those that need them most. Some never do
n their armor , yet declare their spirituality, and cry foul at the sucker punches life brings. Ever notice in boxing the loser is rarely KOed , he is usually the one that quits swinging? Keep swinging, don’t give up! If every time you are hit, or meet resistance you declare it must not be of God. Suck it up buttercup because God allowed it! Count yourself fortunate , because he saw you as faithful and worthy of that battle. The battle many times is between our two eyes, and its weapons are our passions, desires, and thoughts. Unless we put up no resistance, and yield to the flesh? It’s through life that we learn which battles are worthy of our expertise, and its in the trenches you realize, who is your foe, who is your friend, and who is trying to play both sides. Never let a sense of failure dictate your actions, keep telling your issues who your father is! Luke 14:27 God Bless and God Speed!