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A theology that doesn’t change a man’s heart, cannot save his soul. Preaching that leaves us in the same sad state in which we are found, is a like a grease covered perch on the edge of a skyscraper. You will fall again! Being saved is not falling in the same mire in which you came out of. Theology should rattle your teeth, with every blow! Good preaching should wake the sinner from his slumber, and drive the saint to his knees. Even the most devout, holy bible, while robe wearing, saint should know the reverence of the King of Kings. It should make you shudder, it should quicken your step and drive your cadence! Behold the Lamb of God, should not this introduction alone drive all of us to our knees! God is God and we are not! Why would anyone want to sit under teaching that does not drive them to act, unless their Christianity is merely for the sake of conscience. Hebrews 10 God Bless and God Speed!