Life Groups
Becoming a member of Lexington Church of God is a choice to become a part of a family. Just as a body has many moving and functioning parts, so does Lexington Church of God. It is our desire to help you find your place of ministry as well and point you in the direction of one of our Life Groups so that you can “do life” with us. We are excited about what God has in store for you!  For specific times and dates for each activity, please refer to our church calendar or contact the church office during normal business hours.  
Mommy and Me
Men and Women’s Fellowship
Transformed Young Adult Ministry
To be a mom is to wear many hats. Come spend some time with other moms and their kids to connect, get encouraged and just be you. Moms and children of any age are encouraged to come.
These two groups minister directly to our Men and Women during monthly meetings and planned activities throughout the year. Watch the bulletin for our next meeting times and locations.   
This ministry is geared for those in the 18-30 year old range. Join us for a time of devotion, food, and fellowship the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month.
PULSE (30+)
Cleaning Team
Shut-in Team
Married, single, a parent, or not, this Life Group is for you! Join us to share REAL life, find life-long friendships, and enjoy a great time of fellowship. Anyone 30-50 years old is encouraged to come!
It takes a mighty army to keep God’s house clean. We have a running rotation of volunteers that clean our church weekly. It’s our responsibility as members to ensure God’s House is kept to a standard that visitors will appreciate.
This group visits those church members who are shut in because of sickness, medical conditions, and more. This ministry takes the time to do a devotion, spend time with, and minister to the needs of those who can’t attend our services.
Nursing Home Ministry
Prayer Service
This group visits different nursing homes in our area ministering to those associated with our church as well as those who don’t have family and desire connection.
Each Monday at 7pm we meet in the sanctuary to pray over our church leaders, congregation, and other known prayer requests. It is vitally important that we pray! Come spend some time with the Lord as we bind together in corporate prayer.
Any time a church member loses a loved one, there is a team in place to help with supplying food items before/after the funeral. This is a chance for you to show love to those during an unavoidable and difficult season of their personal lives.
Celebrate Recovery
The Art of Marriage
This class is for WOMEN ONLY. 
All have sinned—Our human nature has led us to hurt ourselves, hurt others, and have others hurt us. Do you find yourself experiencing the same hurt, habit, hang up, addiction, etc.? Commit to healing your wounds of life and become the woman, mom, and wife that God desires
you to be.
If you enjoy recreational sports or just enjoy watching them, this group is for you. We are currently offering Men’s Basketball, Men and Coed Softball, and Bowling.