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Cross and prayerThe rich have lavish idols, big nice possessions, large bank accounts, and many criticize this. Yet the homeless man idolizes the possession of the rich man or perhaps the box he lives in. We all have idols to rid ourselves of. I say this because we all have put many people and things before God. An expensive or cheap idol share one characteristic and that is inferiority to the true God. Deuteronomy 12 says to destroy all places where false idols are worshipped, it doesn’t say to study them or teach it to our children, or accept them as culture. We’ve not made an effort as a Christian society to display a true a reverence towards God. We’ve given God a day a week and a tip and asked him to bless us? He’s your God? One of the greatest acts of Jesus was when he raised the dead, yet I’ve had many ask why we can’t do that? My answer is we can’t even raise ourselves. Get busy doing the work of the kingdom! There is no other way of showing the flesh who is in charge than denial.
 Isaiah 40:19-20 God Bless and God Speed!