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Cross and prayerNone of us should rest in our accolades, yesterday is gone. The battle is for today and tomorrow, never ever yesterday! A little folding of the hands, a little shutting of the eyes does little for the faith or the kingdom of God. Paul lived with a sort of abandonment that we don’t often see and when he speaks of his past it was often with a disdain. This is not some new revelation, yet it’s foreign because what we see is rarely duplicated. Our obedience in our thinking is just as important as our obedience in our actions! One of the most toxic thoughts is the people, places and things that we hang on to. It robs God from ever completely being able to use us. I love when Paul tells King Agrippa that he should be like him in every way except these chains. He told a king that! Folks the only chains we have are the ones we put on ourselves. Quit dragging stuff from your past. Let go give it to God and that’s when you will live free! Acts 26:29 God Bless and God Speed!