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Cross and prayerThe older I get the more I realize, the fiercest battles are fought between my eyes! It amazes me how temporal we have become as soldiers in Christ. We may don kevlar and boots the physical armor, yet we cannot ignore the sharp words of another, we let words paralyze our cadence! We have become the guy with every weapon known to be afforded by man yet cant use any of them, if we are spiritually anemic. We call ourselves warriors yet we crumble like a biscuit. We cant eve
n think about avoiding the fiery darts of the
enemy, because we can’t even get over church hurt! Spiritual armor is what we lack, and the answer to our lack is not more lack! We quickly engage in battles that should be fought spiritually , we don the wrong armor first. The enemy knows, you would make a fine trophy, because he’s not hunting for food! 1 Peter 5:8 God Bless and God Speed!