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Cross and prayerThe evil that men do lives after them and good is interned with their bones. William Shakespeare . Most of us have lived as if no one was watching, however everyone is. Some look for the purpose of watching you fail! Just like Jonah is only remembered for being swallowed by a fish, he led the greatest evangelical missionary journey ever. The Ninivites were a cruel, barberous people, their city walls were said to be covered in human skin of soldiers and civilians who had not followed orders, and he was told by God to go and preach there. I wouldn’t have wanted to go either! However Jonah did and 120000 people were saved, yet we only remember the fish! That’s how it works, your failures may be what people remember the most, you know what’s right, so just do the right thing! Quit battling God, so as to minimize errors! Be a trailblazer not a path follower, that’s where character is made! Take your directions from above! Jonah , God Bless and God Speed!